Bookind & Cancellation policy

Your reservation, after your confirmation, is valuable as a contract according to current Italian laws. Contract is binding for who books and for each of the others mentioned in the reservation, underage included.


You can request availability either on our website or through email and we will reach back shortly.

A non-binding offer will follow info requests. Reservattion is to be considered confirmed exclusivly after our written confirmation including the confirmed price and the amount to be deposited in advance, 5 days after confirmation. Wheter payment is not processed in the required timing, booking will automatically be considered null.

Reservations are binding to Diecidodici Boutique Rooms only once deposit payment receipts are sent back or written specific confirmation from the staff.

Please send a copy of payments at our email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Diecidodici Boutique Rooms will provide to send to guests a confirmatory email or a resuming voucher to display at check-in moment. Guest's confirmation of booking is meaningful of complete acceptance of our reservation and cancellation terms. We kindly ask you to check the accuracy of datas in the confirmation and to report promptly any inaccuracy. The deposit corresponding to the 30% of stays equal or longer to 3 nights, and equal to the price of the first night for a stay shorter than 3 nights. The balance will be settled at the arrival, after the rooms have been examined. Comunications for variations will be considered and eventually accepted within 4 days from our confirmation. After the 4th day we decline any responsability for inaccuracy. Displaying a ID document is mandatory at check-in. For any booking change, guests must get in touch with reception staff who will try to satisfy any request. Altough variations might not be accepted. In case of dates change, guest will be charged of price difference if the case.


General conditions:

Deposit is necessary to proceed with booking confirmation within 5 days from the reservation. In case of no or not valid deposit within the dare required, reservation drops. In case of total payment required, same conditions are applied.

In case of no or not valid deposit, reservation drops.

The amount of deposit is 30% of the total amount of your stay. As ruled by italian civil code n.1385, deposit is not refundable outside the following conditions.

Accepted payments: bank transfer, cash or credit/debit card (Visa o Mastercard). The total amount of the stay must be payed at check in or in 1 day from your arrival. Extras will be paid no further check-out.

For bank transfers we indicate below the info necessary:
DieciDodici Sas di Isidori A. & C.
Via Giulietti 10-12
60020 Sirolo (AN) - Riviera del Conero
IBAN CODE : IT 62R 08549 37620 000 000 094737
Inviare la copia della ricevuta di avvenuto bonifico via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicando la data della vostra prenotazione, il recapito telefonico e l’indirizzo email, riceverete conferma.


Diecidodici Boutique Rooms has the right to check credit/debit card validity before check-in proceeding with preauthorization from credit/debt circuit. Through preauthorization, diecidodici is guaranteed of temporarly availability of total amount of the stay, or a part, to ensure that credit/debit card is valid. NO AMOUNT IS WITHDRAWAN WITH PREAUTHORIZATION. Preauthorization expitres after 20 days of the data of its request. in case of negative pre authorization, guest will be informed and reservation will drop. In this case, Diecidodici will have no oblkgation towards guest.

Booking extension:

Booking extention is considered as a new booking and depends on availability and eventually rate changes.

Cancellation policy (individual bookings)

In case you wish to cancel your reservation, the following policy is applided:

Each cancellation must be imparted by email.

Deposit refunding in case of guest cancellation with 30 days or more of advance is total.

Deposit refunding in case of guest cancellation with 15 days or more of advance is partial (half of the amount).

Deposit refunding in case of guest cancellation without 15 days of advance is denied.

STAY INTERRUPTION: No refund is available wether guest interrupts his stay. Total amount must be paid.

NoShow: In case of guest no show, deposit will be hold or, if confirmed by credit card, 30% of the total amount will be withdrawn from credit7debit card.

Group's Booking and Cancellation policy:

The person who makes the reservation is identified as reference for the group and confirms that he is authorized by the other participants to accept Diecidodici Boutique Rooms Booking Conditions and the Cancellation Policy of. The group reference is responsible for the total billing for all bookings confirmed by him. Any possible requests could be communicated directly and exclusively by the group leader. Reservations cannot be changed.

A deposit equal to 30/50% of all bookings is required to complete the reservation process. Confirmatory deposit is mandatory and not refundable.

Rooming list:

Group referencial guest is responsable of sending the gruop guests list before 7 days from date of check-in.

Eventually cancellation request must be submitted by email.

Booking cancellation will be process at the following conditions:

Full refund of deposit in case of cancellation 30 days or more in advance of the check-in date.

In case of anticipated departure guets will be charged of the entire amount of the reservation.

In case of anticipated departure guets will be charged of the entire amount of the reservation.

Guest's booking confirmation euqals to accepting our cancellation and deposit terms.

Due to force majeure

The hotel declined every responsability for any inefficiency cause by missed suppliance, items and facilities breaking o any other due to force majeure inconvinient. We decline any responsability of damages made by other guests, atmospherical events, natural calamities, pandemic, deseases of theft.



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